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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to get your Jobs Listed on Job Aggegation websites

One of the most effective IT recruitment strategies is to get your jobs listed on Job Aggregation websites. They can provide excellent visibility for your jobs posts and thereby helping you to locate interested local talent that can make a difference to your recruiting efforts.

What are the Job Aggregation Websites?

The aggregation websites crawl job openings of leading companies, job boards and trusted feeds from leading recruitment agencies and present those in front of job seekers in searchable format. They are getting increasingly popular as they provide job seekers with choice. The job aggregation websites compile their job listings from thousands of sources. So the job seekers can view opportunities they would have missed if they were just depending on a single job board to find their next employment opportunity. Most of these job aggregation websites provide excellent search and sort tools and saves precious time and effort in job search as the job seekers can sort though the openings my location and skills quickly and easily. If you have a well written / interesting job post then it will attract attention of job seekers. This can make a huge difference in your recruiting efforts.

Some of the biggest and popular job aggregators on the internet are:

How to get your jobs listed?

As a recruiter it is becoming increasingly signifcant to get your jobs listed on these job aggregation websites to gain maximum exposure on the positions you are trying to fill. There are many advantages:
  1. They present your jobs in front of thousants of internet job seekers whose resumes are not on Job Boards.
  2. Gives good exposure to your openings on the internet and these jobs are crawled and direct accessible on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  3. You can get them listed Free of cost.  No need for expensive jobs subscriptions to publish jobs.There are several free services that will allow you to get your jobs listed on job aggregation websites for Free.

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Apart from these websites Free and Feature rich Applicant Tracking system like Smartrecruiters can help you to automatically post your jobs on Job Aggregation websites.

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