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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rapportive, Smartr & Xobni 3 Excellent Email Tools for Recruiters

Email tools have opened up new possibilities on connecting with your Email Contacts on Social Media space. Rich Contact Tools like Xobni and Rapportive shows you information on your email contacts much beyond the abilities of traditional address book. These tools allow you to view Social Media Profiles of your email contacts right in your inbox. You can view profile information, companies they work for and you can easily connect with your contacts on popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, and Linkedin.

These can be powerfull tools for recruiter if used correctly:

  1. Helps you to grow your social network quickly.
  2. You can connect with candidates you recruit on Social Media Platforms.
  3. Once connected you can stay abreast on their carer moves and you can approach them directly with Job opportunities in the future.
  4. Connect with recruiters in Contact Marketplace and build one on one rapport and share jobs, resumes and hot-lists.
  5. Can be a nifty toll to Advertise Jobs and to get referrals from your network.


Rapportive is a Gmail companion shows you rich information about your contacts right inside your inbox. Once you install Rapportive browser extension you will be able

to view what people look like, where they're based, and what they do right in your Gmail inbox. You can easily connect with your email contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and more.

Xobni for Outlook

Xobni pioneered rich email companions. A powerfull tool Xobni for outlook seamlessly integrates with outlook contacts and will show you complete social profiles for

everyone on your contact list. Xobni allows you to search contacts by firstname, lastname OR by company name.

Smartr Inbox from Xobni

This is a Gmail Companion and webmail version of the Xobni for outlook. Offers silmlar features just like the Xobni outlook tool. Xobni also offers Apps on iPhone and Android Mobile Platforms. For more visit Xobni.

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1 comment:

  1. I use Rapportive, very useful and it removes Google vertical ads :)
    Another great GMail addon is Brandmymail ( ), it allows very great signatures and templates :)